Broken Hearts of Orgrimmar

by Ice Crone

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My second WoW filk.


I dated me a tauren
And he was mighty nice
But in his hair there lived a cockroach, bed bugs, and some mice.

I stepped out with a troll boy
He was good for a smoke or two
But night and day he sat around like there was nothing else to do.

I bagged myself a strapping orc
A great big beefy lug
But instead of conversation, he sat staring at my ... zugs.

I flirted with a blood elf
As pretty as could be
But when we went out he spent more time with the waiters than with me.

I could hang out with Alliance
But it's unfair to compare
I had an undead beau, but we are so not going there.

Yes, I've dated boys from every single Horde race that there is,
But the man who left me weak-kneed was Fizzlesprocket Snizz


Once you go goblin, you never go back
They may be good with money, but they're better in the sack

When those Booty Bay bruisers point their big guns at me
I get shook up and turned around so I can hardly see

I've been promoted to gangster's Moll, and I ain't steppin' down
I feel so willowy and tall when we're out on the town.

He flies me out to Undermine and buys me fancy clothes
And don't even get me started on that long, erotic nose.

Oh, once you go goblin, you never go back
They may be great with rivets, but they've got another knack.

They set my gears a-spinnin', strike out sparks along the way
Those little engineers can light my fire any day

So girls, don't waste your time on tall boys, cos it's a proven fact
Once you go goblin, you ain't never goin back!


released January 21, 2012




Ice Crone New Hampshire

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